June Coach’s Corner | Your Huddle = Team Time

I am often asked what items should be included in a morning huddle. In addition to your practice metrics and where you are according to your goals, I want to focus on something that will help your team build more comradery. 

We all work so closely together as a team and let’s face it; life can be difficult. I started doing this with my clients before covid, and I think this addition to your huddle is now even more important. Each team member needs to be able to share how they are doing personally within the team. If someone had a bad morning or life is heavy for them right now, how do you share that information within the team? I have found that something as quick as a number on a scale makes a huge difference and brings the team closer together. At the end of each huddle, ask your team to go around and give a number. I like 1-5 since that range is more concise versus 1-10. On this scale, 1 is deeply troubled or upset and 5 is everything is great. When you give your team the freedom to share their number each morning, that helps with communication within the team and allows some sharing that helps bond the team together. The practices that do this show empathy to one another and helps create a culture of sharing and support within your team. During the week, we spend more time with our coworkers than our families. By allowing your team to share their number, this actively demonstrates that the Doctor or Office Manager genuinely cares about the team. 

If a team member says they are a 1 or 2, the team needs to ask how they can support him or her. It also allows the entire team to actively make sure their team member is alright during and after the huddle meeting.  Let me give an example. If you know that Mr. Jones can be a difficult patient, maybe you switch things around so this team member does not come in contact with Mr. Jones during his appointment. When we are stressed and our number is a 1 or 2, sometimes we do not communicate as well as if our number were a 3 or higher. By the team proactively understanding all of this, the day will run smoother for your team member that is not feeling their best and it also focus’s the entire team to look out for one another. So many misunderstandings occur, and communication issues arise when we are stressed and not having a 4-5 kind of day. This also makes sure your patients are getting the best from your team each appointment. You are actively setting your team and your practice up for success. 

There is also another benefit for doing this during your daily huddle. Allowing your team the opportunity to be vulnerable will also help build a culture where your practice is incredibly special and unique. By creating the right culture, you help ensure your team members staying long term at your practice. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please get in touch with me at

Combat Burnout to Increase Production | Dental Business Coach

Have you ever felt tired, stressed, and overwhelmed to the point where it impacts your production numbers? Burnout can happen to all dentists and their teams. Yes, this includes you. Before burnout starts to significantly impact your practice, you need to know how to recognize it and how to manage it.

Dental Management Consultant

Identify Signs of Burnout

If you start to feel unfocused, tired, or bored, you may be experiencing burnout. Does your team lack the enthusiasm they once possessed? When you start to notice these clues and behaviors, take action immediately. You and your team have invested countless hours in building a fulfilling career in dentistry. Don’t allow a temporary period of burnout to cause you to question your work. Instead, it’s time to reinvigorate your attitude.

Identify the Problem Areas

When production numbers begin to slip, look at where your numbers are starting to drag. When a department’s numbers begin to sink, your team members can start to feel low, impacting the office’s overall morale. Identifying the problem area allows you and your team to find and implement a solution before dissatisfaction spreads.

Identify New Areas to Explore

If you are experiencing burnout, the time may be right to learn a new skill. Sign up for a CE course or workshop on a subject that is new or intriguing. By expanding your skills, you can increase the number of services you provide, which can turn sagging appointment numbers around. Could your team benefit from additional courses? You may want to try selecting a course the entire team can participate in together. Not only will you all be learning new applicable skills, but you will be improving your relationships with each other which will lead to improved morale.

Burnout will happen to even the best dental team. When you start to notice the signs of burnout, don’t wait for things to improve on their own. Be proactive and identify the areas you or the team could improve. Whether it is improving the number of hygiene appointments, or taking a new CE course, take action immediately to combat signs of burnout.

For more information, contact our Dental Office Coach.

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3 Ways to Buy Time: Boost Your Practice’s Productivity with Time-Saving Measures | Consultant Near Me

Time is your most precious resource. On certain days, managing your time is not just difficult, it is downright impossible. Ask yourself about the strategies you are currently using to organize your day. What other tools could you be leveraging to save your practice’s most precious commodity? Here are 3 methods you can implement to maximize your time.

Dental Business Consultant

1. Re-evaluate Your Management Tactics

You can buy time without spending a dime. Employ a new way of keeping track of practice productivity. You can have your team record their tasks for the day in a quick email. Each staff member can quantitatively list their duties, allowing for simple reference later. This cuts down on micromanaging your staff by way of asking, “What did you do today?” Managerial work is difficult to implement after a full day of back-to-back appointments. 

You can cut back on daily meetings because you will have a clear picture of what each team member is contributing. Having a list of completed tasks at the end of the day allows for everyone at your practice to be keenly aware of who is to be held accountable for each task.

2. Utilize Apps to Maximize Efficiency

“Lost time is never found again.” Ben Franklin knew this more than 200 years ago, so how can you apply this knowledge to running your practice? There are numerous tools available for your phone that can be a valuable resource for keeping track of your practice. You can benefit from the use of efficiency apps. In today’s world, there is no need to manage all aspects of your business manually.

Take advantage of scheduling apps and software. You can schedule emails to remind patients to book their next visit to your office without having to send it in real time. This can be an indispensable tool for patient retention, by keeping you in consistent contact with your patients. Apps such as these will help you save time, and keep track of your practice’s performance. 

3. Consider Express Check-In

It is not always your team that is responsible for lost time slipping through your fingers. One late patient can set the whole day off-schedule. Make it easy for your patients to register. Provide compliant forms online for patients to fill out before coming into the office. Saving time at the front desk will help your entire practice run on schedule. Never allow for your practice to earn a reputation of running behind schedule, instead work with your patients to create a smoother, faster registration. Your patients will not want to fill out redundant forms. Rework any documents or forms where possible to prevent your patients from filling out information such as their name and address multiple times.

Successful business leaders are experts at time management. Put methods in place that allow for concrete, quantitative results to measure productivity. Utilize technology to make your life easier and allow your patients to work with you to save time. Don’t get caught watching the sand fall through the timer, take action and rethink your time management strategies; contact our Dental Business Consultant today.

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May Coach’s Corner 2021 | Impact and Significance

Most of my followers of Coach’s Corner are general dentists, specialists, office managers, and team members in practices across the country. This month’s post is meant to encourage all of you. I know the last 14 months have been filled with ups and downs that we could have never imagined, and I want to share a couple stories that have occurred with my clients so that you can appreciate the impact you are making in your patient’s lives. 

One of my clients is now practicing dentistry in a different way than she anticipated. She is now the sole provider of all clinical production in her practice. This was not her choice, but her hygienist left the industry due to Covid-19 and she has been looking to replace her since that time. As you all know, it is difficult to find the right team member to join her team. As you can imagine, we have worked to change her schedule so production suffers as little as possible, and she does not get burnout. I am sharing this since several of her patients have remarked how much they love just seeing her and she is able to accomplish more in each appointment.  She shared with me a few weeks ago that she found a potential issue during her exam and the patient’s doctor confirmed the diagnosis of cancer. It was caught so early that her patient is telling everyone her dentist saved her life. It would be difficult to find a better example of the impact and the significance my client has in the life of her patients.  

Let me share another encouraging story told to me from a financial coordinator who works for one of my clients. She has been talking with a patient that had a long treatment plan that always seemed to put off his needed dental work. I know you can all relate to this one 😊.  We had been working on several different ways to communicate so patients like this one would consent and get his treatment done. After several previous attempts, this particular patient said yes, scheduled, and showed up for his appointment. All of his diagnosed work is complete and paid for. {She waited until all of this was done before she called me to share the good news}.  News like this is cause for celebration for not only this treatment coordinator, but also the entire practice.  Let me fill you in on the rest of the story. This dental practice has been looking to fill two administrative positions for the past 6 months. Celebrating this particular event means even more when you understand the stress that has plagued this office for months. Not only that, the impact she had on his life is evident not only when he smiles, but also every time he eats. 

I am sure all of you can share your personal stories about the significance you have had in your patients’ lives.  My main focus is to let you know there is light ahead in the tunnel. Please be encouraged that if you are navigating these waters like the above two practices, you are not alone. I think the statement, “you are not alone” means so much now. Sometimes we feel like we are on an island and no one understands what we are going through. Our industry has seen so many changes these past 14 months, and some practices are not back to normal yet – and that is ok. Take the wins when you can and celebrate those since they are well earned. 

If you need assistance or someone to talk about your strategy for handling all of the stresses of running a dental practice right now, please get in touch with me. You are not alone.

Are You Prepared for the Future of Dentistry? | Dental Consultant Near Me

Are You Prepared for the Future of Dentistry?

What will the dental profession look like in 10 years? Are you and your team prepared to face the future with a successful action plan? 

Dental Strategies for Team Success

As a dentist, you are used to thinking about the big picture. This is true when you are caring for your patients, as they turn to you for your expertise to establish a lifetime of optimal oral health. But do you employ the same forward-thinking strategies to ensure the long-term health of your business?

Dentistry is changing. New technology is constantly being developed leading to entirely new procedures, which in turn creates a new market of patients who could benefit from your services. Furthermore, the business landscape of the profession is evolving. What used to be a field dominated by independently owned practices has become increasingly more corporate-based. Ask yourself where your practice fits into the landscape of differing business models in dentistry.

If one thing is for certain in dentistry, it is that the future will continue to bring change. Did you ever think you would be ordering supplies from your smartphone or connecting with potential new patients on Facebook? The future will likely bring innovations bridging the education and communication gap between dentist and patient.

Dental Consultant How We Can Help

Like today, the key to success will lie in your ability to build trusting, loyal relationships. It is essential that your marketing messages hone in on the unique qualities that make your practice and your team stand out from the crowd. A rebranding strategy can help freshen your practice’s appeal to your community and attract your ideal new patient.

You’ve probably heard the saying, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” The future will bring changes to the dental profession, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise nor should it be a cause for concern. Face the future with optimism and an action plan, contact our Dental Consultant, today.

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3 Ways to Improve Efficiency | Dental Coach Near Me

3 Ways to Improve Efficiency

Do you feel like your business could be functioning better? Are projects and meetings taking longer than necessary to get done?  Do days seem to drag on without any solutions in sight? 

Dental Strategies for Team Success

The best way to fix this problem is to focus on improving efficiency. There are many things a practice can do to become more efficient in all aspects. Here are three changes you can implement in your practice.  

  1. Encourage face-to-face conversations

Most of the time employees might think sending an email or Google chat would be more efficient than getting up and walking to their coworker’s desk. However, speaking to someone face-to-face allows you to come up with solutions faster. A question can be answered faster with a 2-minute conversation rather than sending dozens of emails back and forth to each other.

  1. Decrease Disruptions

It can take a few minutes to start up a task again after someone interrupts you.  To limit distractions it is important to block out a few hours of work everyday so employees can focus on their tasks. To do this, schedule meetings all in one day instead of scattered throughout the week.  To stop the clutter of email notifications, use tools and apps to stay interruption free.

Dental Consultant How We Can Help

  1. Use project management software to collaborate 

Many businesses use email to keep up to date with projects. This can cause a disconnect and emails can be lost or unread. Management software tools help every one involved keep track of progress and it is a better way to communicate all in one place. 

There are simple solutions your practice can adopt to run more smoothly.  Face-to-face meetings can easily speed up the problem solving process. To limit interruptions that may cause your work to slow down, block off work time on your schedule. Finally, project management software can keep everyone up to speed on the progress of any project. 

Need more tips? Contact our dental consultant team for a consultation today.

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How to Strategically Meet Your Cash Flow Goals for Q2

If you did not meet your goals for the first quarter of 2021, do not beat yourself up too much or your team. Instead, let’s review some items so you can correct them and look forward to the second quarter of 2021. The area I want to make sure a practice is strategically addressing each month is their cash flow since this may be the most immediate need.  

For various reasons, some reports do not get the attention that they should on a weekly or at least a monthly basis. I want to make sure you focus on certain reports so you can continue into April with a strategy. One of those reports that can fall to the side is your outstanding insurance report. This report shows which claims you are waiting for payment. I have seen clients take the easy way out and resend outstanding claims instead of researching and finding out what is keeping each claim from getting paid. Needless to say, this is not the way to manage this report. Most claims are getting paid within 14 days if the claim was sent correctly.  If you do not see anything on your electronic transaction report, there is a reason why you have not received payment within 14 days of sending the claim. Time must be set aside to follow up with these claims. 

Once you have followed up on all of your outstanding insurance claims, you will then need to focus your time on the patient accounts that owe you money. This report, patient aging, should be reviewed weekly or at least twice a month to make sure you are sending out statements in a timely manner. As soon as you get into a regular flow of properly working these two reports, the job in front of you is not so large and intimidating. In addition to actively reviewing these two reports, there is something else you can do to help your cash flow in your practice. 

Another area that can help your cash flow is collecting what the patient owes at the time of service – or before when they schedule their appointment.  By working this into your daily routine, it should increase your cash flow each day.  I have had some clients swear to me that their patients will not do this. I believe we need to teach them this is how business is done at your office. Plenty of businesses require payment before services are rendered and dentistry is no different. I often give examples of going to your physician for your visit or a pharmacy to pick up medications. Payment is made at the time of service. Since covid, there have been some changes with using a digital flow instead of paper transactions. Most offices have the ability on their website to accept payments or send a payment link via text to the cell phone of your patient. There are many options now available to help you with getting payments from your patients.  If you have any questions about this or how to change by using more digital processes in your office, please reach out to me to schedule a complimentary strategy call. You can contact me at

Dental Management Consultant | Create a Patient-Friendly Environment

Dental Business Coach

Create a Patient-Friendly Environment

Dental offices can be intimidating for patients when they first walk in the door. New patients may be faced with a busy office phone ringing non-stop and the sounds of dental equipment in the background. Some of these situations can add to the anxiety new patients may be facing. Here are three strategies that your dental office can use to create a more patient-friendly atmosphere.

Friendliness on the Front Lines

The first person a patient interacts with at a dental office is the front desk team. Not only will that team member be providing the first impression of the practice, but they will also be the one interacting with patients for future appointment scheduling and monetary matters. Having a friendly and polite employee at the front desk can go a long way in creating a positive first impression for patients, while alleviating any additional concerns they may have. Being assisted in a courteous manner will show patients how easy it is to work with your team and build patient loyalty.

Have a Presentable Waiting Room

The waiting time after arriving at a dental office can be nerve-wracking for anxious patients. Creating a presentable and welcoming waiting room can help lessen their stress. Amenities as simple as comfortable chairs and reading materials can help a patient take their mind off their visit. Creating a play area for children will keep them occupied, while also helping to keep the noise level of the area down.

Communication is Key

Patients can become frustrated if they feel they have to ask numerous questions to get answers. Good communication can remove frustrations and keep the patient in the loop regarding their oral health. Additionally, you’ll be able to build a strong doctor-patient relationship. Strong communication will benefit your entire team, from the front desk to the treatment room. Review all the options that a patient has for any needed treatment, cover different payment methods, and discuss easy ways to schedule appointments. Good communication will keep your patients coming back.

Provide each patient a great experience at your office. Not only will your patients be happy with their dental care, but they can become referral sources for new patients. With these three strategies, your office can take a step in the right direction for creating a patient-friendly environment.

To see how our team can help you, contact Victory Dental Management.

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Dental Consultant Near Me | 4 Ways to Attract Millenials into your Practice

Dental Consultant

Are you having trouble attracting new patients to your office? Technology and busy lifestyles have changed the way we attract new patients. Every business including dental practices have to evolve with each generation to gain their attention. Below are strategies that you can use to attract new patients to your office.

Use Technology to Get in Touch

Our society has moved into a tech-savvy world. Calling to schedule an appointment is not as convenient as allowing patients the ability to set up an appointment online. Confirming appointments and sending patient reminders through text messages is easier and quicker.

Practice Search Engine Optimization

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help patients find your office more easily. High-ranking dental offices on search engines are going to be seen more frequently by prospective patients, and therefore attract more business. Being near the top of search engines can help patients find what they want quicker without having to scroll through multiple pages of search results.

Be Active on Social Media

Using social media is an excellent way for patients to learn about your dental office and the services you offer. Regular postings on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram will reach a broader audience. It will also showcase your team members, satisfied patients, and other attributes that make your office unique.

Get a 5 Star Reputation

Once you get patients in the door, you will want to retain them as referral sources. By providing exceptional service, your patients will be more inclined to post positive online reviews. People respond to authenticity and want to read personal and true testimonials. When looking for a dentist, patients will be more likely to choose one with a positive online reputation.

Gain the attention of possible leads and current patients by utilizing technology while highlighting authenticity. By using the tips provided above, you will have the capability to reach more new patients and grow your business.

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Dental Consulting | Rolling Out a New Service? Avoid These Mistakes

You’ve decided to introduce a new service to grow your business. Do you have a carefully planned execution strategy? Many business owners fall into traps such as neglecting to keep their team on the same page or having a poor marketing strategy. Here are common mistakes business owners make when developing a new service, and what you can do to avoid them.

Lack of Training

Some business owners let their new idea or service run itself without keeping their team informed. For your business to thrive, it is essential that everyone on your team has a full understanding of your offerings. Before rolling out a new service, make sure your team is properly trained. They should be able to answer questions from those interested, as well as educate people who may be unaware of this new offering. Education and training is the key to successfully launching a new offering. It is better to delay your plans than launch a new service with a team that isn’t ready or equipped, as this can quickly impact your reputation.

Marketing Is an Afterthought

You finally have your new service up and running and you find yourself asking, “Now what?” Your service isn’t going to be successful on its own. Develop a marketing strategy to increase awareness of your new offering. Create unique and inventive marketing materials with your target audience in mind. Who are trying to attract to your business? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your new service will sell itself without a marketing push.

Don’t Neglect Research

Research is crucial to pulling off a successful new service launch. Don’t go in with the mindset that your good ideas alone are enough to pull it off. Instead, check out your competitors to give you an idea of how to position your new service. Research success stories and failures of people who have done similar things. Take time to study the pricing of competitors and know what you will need to cover your costs while still creating an attractive offer to price shoppers.

Launching a new service is an effective way to boost interest in your business, drive revenue, and fill a need in the market. To be successful, don’t rush your new service without properly training your team or doing research. Also, avoid the common mistake of not marketing, or marketing as an afterthought.

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