A Message From Lynne

Dental Consultant

Why Victory Dental Management

In determining the name of my business, I decided the best word to describe my model is the word “victory.” The term victory has different meanings for different people. One dentist said it meant fulfillment of his practice goals. Another practitioner said victory would be conquering the competition. While another dentist said it meant that good triumphs over all. You may have another definition that suits you. To me, victory means success.

How we help YOU define success

Every practice is unique — what works for one may not work for another. Flexibility is the hallmark of any good consultant. I thrive on meeting with doctors and their staff to discover the specific needs and the goals they want to accomplish. Only then do I devise a customized plan.

My passion is in helping dental practices reach their full potential. This includes guiding them to increase their productivity and profitability while enabling them to deliver the best patient care and customer experience. If victory has unique definitions for each individual, then the process to achieve victory is equally unique to every practice.

Creating teams

For many years I have coached different levels of basketball teams – elementary, middle school, JV, Varsity and AAU. One thing is certain each year – all players that comprise the team begin as individuals. Only with proper coaching can the individual mindset fade and a true team be created. I absolutely LOVE this aspect of coaching basketball.

I bring this same approach to dental teams as well. Just because every employee gets a paycheck does not mean that they understand what it means to be a part of the team. I work with every member of the team to improve communication, cooperation, and understanding of goals, roles, and responsibilities. This works for my teams in basketball and it works for my clients in dentistry.