September Coach’s Corner | Relieve Your Stress

Dental Consultant

In the last month I have received many emails from followers of the Coaches Corner. The theme has been the same – everyone needs encouragement. I know we are at the end of the third quarter and a lot of practices are under stress from many factors – staffing issues, patient behavior, and scheduling issues. I have received many of the same team issues in these emails.

Covid has put a lot of stress on doctors as well as team members. Most alarming is the stress that is coming at everyone from multiple places. School has started so for those working for you that have children, this is really stressful with getting their kids in a routine and handling any anxiety issues regarding all of that. Everyone on the team is feeling the stress when patients are dumping on them either with language or behavior they have never exhibited before. The doctor and team may feel defeated if the schedule falls apart and that has not been the norm before in your practice. All of this, and more, adds up to everyone feeling on edge, like a pot that is ready to boil over.

Instead of allowing these concerns to permeate your team, focus on the positive. You have woken up today and have been given another day to make a difference in someone’s life. Start your huddle with how excited you are to see Mr. Smith and the treatment he is getting that day and what it will mean for him and his oral health. Showing excitement can be a catalyst for the rest of your team – excitement is contagious!

If you have a true team working with you, this positive outlook will multiply and touch everyone, mostly your patients and other team members. Looking for those moments where gratitude and thankfulness can be shown will focus you on something positive instead of something dragging you down. I promise you; this will lighten your load, you will smile more, and have a better day. Try this instead and let me know how it works for you and your team. 😊

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