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Recovering from Burnout with Lynne Leggett

Burnout is one of the biggest topics in dentistry. While the statistics show many dental professionals feel the effects of burnout, dental speaker and consultant Lynne Leggett is one of the few people in dentistry talking about solutions to help those experiencing burnout recover from it.

Effective Leadership and Communication for Dental Practice Success

Lynne talks about the significance of leadership, culture, and communication to achieving success within your dental practice and shares her experience of creating programs for teams. From defining roles and responsibilities to avoiding high turnover rates, Lynne offers actionable steps for dentists to view themselves as coaches, clarify expectations, and engage in effective teamwork.

Thoughts on Leadership, Hiring, and Burnout in Dentistry

Lynne Leggett of Victory Dental Management joins the show to discuss some of the biggest topics in dentistry, and how leadership, burnout, and the hiring process can all come together to either help a practice succeed or make it stumble.

Burnout and Today’s Dental Assistant

Lynne Leggett discusses what she is seeing with dental assistants and burnout in today’s dental environment and offers some ideas for those who are either already burned out or feeling like they are dangerously close to that.

Coaching the Team

Lynne discusses how she began coaching basketball, and how her background in sports coaching translates to her career in dental coaching. She details her goal in coaching of bringing out potential in each member of a team, whether it be a dental team or a sports team.

A Gathering of Insurance Geeks is a Beautiful Thing

This podcast focuses on the benefits side of dentistry. Topics covered include Medicare, Medicaid, credentialing, and all the frustrations that can arise for an insurance coordinator.

Put Me In, Coach

Lynne has coached hundreds of young women on the basketball court and off the basketball court. And now she carries those same coaching principles to help dental practices develop their game strategy to reach maximum potential. In this podcast, Lynne shares life skills and the coaching needed to promote those skills!

Building an Efficient and Collaborative Dental Team

Lynne discusses how dentists can build an efficient dental team and how that can set them up for a successful future. She emphasizes the importance of some key qualities and characteristics, which are respect, responsibility, attitude, and competition.

You Don’t Stop Learning

In this podcast, not only does Lynne share her success stories but also her hardships in life both personal and professional. By the time you’re finished listening to the podcast you will certainly be filled with positivity and inspiration.

Key Principles to Successful Employee Recruitment

Building the right team is critical for success and essential for long-term growth. How can you do this? On this week’s “Dentistry’s Growing With Grace”, Grace sits down with Lynne Leggett to discuss Key Principles to Successful Employee Recruitment.

How to Build a Winning Team

Dr. Wes Blakeslee talks with Lynne Leggett, dental coach and consultant, on how to build a winning team in your office.

You Can’t Coach Quit. Mom, Wife, Author, Coach.

Wing Women Podcast is for women everywhere, so they don’t fly solo through life. Jules and Ronda are two chicks with mics, share a love for teeth and are on a mission to create smiles in a completely different way. Talking smack about everyday life, work, relationships and much more. Stories from the closet, that will make you laugh, cry and relate with many out there. You’re not alone. We all have a story from beyond that makes us who we are.
Raw. Real. Inspiring. “Don’t Fly Solo”

Coaches are the Best Leaders

Lynne Leggett, BS, FAADOM, is the Founder & CEO of Victory Dental Management LLC, and has over 25 years of business experience in several different industries – dentistry, medical, pharmacy, sales, transportation, logistics, and project management. Using her diverse experience, she creates a unique plan for each client so that optimum results are achieved. Lynne has a fresh approach to coaching, as a seasoned basketball coach of middle school teams to AAU teams, she understands that having employees ≠ a team.

Play Offense Instead of Defense

What does basketball have to do with running a successful business or dental practice? Lynne Leggett is the CEO of Victory Dental Management, LLC, and she shares the similarity between basketball and running a successful business at the Hinman Dental Meeting. Listen in and we will see you all on the court!

Coaching Basketball & Coaching Dental Practices

Dentistry’s Growing with Grace: This week, Grace Rizza of Identity Dental Marketing sits down with Lynne Leggett of Victory Dental Management to talk about the parallels between coaching basketball and coaching dental practices to work as a team.

Goals and Getting the Information You Need

Consultant Lynne Leggett joins the podcast to talk about how dental assistants should be playing a role in setting the goals for the practice, as well as how the assistant can learn the numbers he or she needs to know to help boost the practice’s bottom line. #TogetherWeRise

Working With a Great Team in your Dental Practice

Lynne Leggett speaks with Naren Arulrajah on clarity, communication, and appreciating your team members.

Dental Boost Podcast

Lynn Leggett shares her story of success to inspire others to take their dental practice to the next level.

Leadership, Mindset, and Coaching with Teresa Duncan

Today’s podcast is all about leadership, mindset, and coaching! Teresa welcomes longtime friend and insurance-minded colleague Lynne Leggett to talk about office culture and “team mindset.”

Having Employees and Having a Team

Having Employees and Having a TeamLynne and Dr. Etch discuss what it means to be a team player and how to instill this in your team today!