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The efficiency of your business can impact its long-term success. What makes a dental practice more productive? There are many factors to be sure, but, as consultants, we can tell you that organization is key; in particular, efficient handling of paperwork and scheduling.

Disorganization, on the other hand, tends to waste time, leaves a poor impression on patients, and dents morale. These negatives ultimately impact your practice’s earning potential.

Get a Handle on Paperwork

Undoubtedly, many different tasks vie for your attention throughout the day, and it can be difficult to keep on top of everything. If you’re not careful, papers, charts and other clutter can accumulate faster than you realize.

Once the pile starts to get away from you, it becomes exponentially more difficult to sort. Don’t waste your time digging through clutter. Learn how to handle paperwork in a systemized fashion. It will free up your time for other tasks.

You might try creating a unique filing system for handling the various kinds of mail that comes through your office. Consider designating specific team members to handle mail, return phone calls, scan or fax, and photocopy files.

If you are not sure where to start, our consulting team can help set up a process for you.

Don’t Let Your Time Manage You

It can be difficult to prioritize different duties, as all can seem important at different times. It’s also rare that even an hour goes by without a variety of distractions.

Here’s an exercise to try: Have each team member list the tasks handled on a typical day or week, and the time it takes to complete each task. This will give you some idea of what is essential, what can be streamlined, and what can wait.

Color-coding different types of duties can give you and your team a solid visual reminder of how to delegate and when to request help.

Resist the urge to drop everything each time a new email arrives in your inbox. You will have the occasional emergency that demands an immediate response, but most interruptions do not need to be addressed right away. Delegate what can be passed to another team member, create an overflow process, and clarify deadlines.

Whether you feel like you’re drowning in paperwork or need to get a handle on your schedule, consider seeking an outside perspective from a time management expert. Our practice consultants can create time and paperwork management systems that work for your unique office. The result: a more productive and profitable practice.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your team become more productive.

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