Coach’s Corner | Preparation Guarantees Growth Not Results

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Recently I was onsite with a client of mine leading our team meeting. An interesting topic was brought up and I made a remark that changed our conversation. It was so meaningful that I wanted to share it with you this month on the Coach’s Corner.

I was making an analogy between preparing for a basketball game and preparing to see patients and I made the following statement “preparation guarantees growth not results.” Rightly so, everyone looked at me and then at each other around the table. Think about it; you are not entitled to results just because you prepared. It takes more than that – you need to work as a team and that takes daily focus and discipline.

Preparing for a game does not entitle you to win it. If that were the case, then both teams would win and that doesn’t happen in the real world. The better question is how do you go from preparation to results? Preparation is another word for proper planning. When you plan, your team clearly understands what is expected of them as individuals and as a team. This preparation will guarantee growth since working as a team will give you a better outcome. When the team practices this over and over, growth is seen in many different ways. It could be that each individual gets stronger from the repetitive work and therefore can become more efficient with fewer mistakes and a better outcome – growth. Only after the team’s development has been observed consistently can you know you are getting results. That is why I say preparation guarantees growth not results.

This concept is easy to understand but might be difficult to implement in your practice. If I can help you and your team with this concept or you are curious about learning more, please get in touch with me via email [email protected] Let’s start this new year with the anticipation of getting more results.

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