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In the event that your dental practice is not earning as much revenue as you would like, it may be time to hire a dental coach. A consultant will analyze your entire practice and develop strategies to increase revenue. You may be surprised by the revenue opportunities that you aren’t taking advantage of. Learn how a dental consultant can increase your profits in your practice.

A dental coach can help you increase revenue.

It is common for dentists to wear blinders when it comes to their practice. While treating patients and managing staff, it can be difficult to pay attention to minute details. Small details can result in a practice hemorrhaging money. A dental coach can assist practices in reducing overhead, improving patient retention, and optimizing scheduling. Revenue can be increased through these strategies.

Overhead reduction

For practices that want to increase revenue, overhead control is essential. By failing to control overhead, some practices lose tens of thousands of dollars each year in potential income. A dental coach will conduct an analysis in order to determine the overhead. Among the items to consider are supplies, marketing, rent, and wages. The coach will determine how much should be spent each month based on the analysis and develop a strategy to achieve the goal.

Improve your patient retention.

There are many dental practices that focus on gaining new patients rather than retaining their existing patients. Finding new patients is more difficult than retaining existing ones. The current retention strategy can be analyzed and improved by a dental consultant. One of the most effective retention strategies is to change the checkout protocol and to automate appointment reminders. This is just a small example of the changes a coach can make.

Optimization of scheduling

Scheduling is one of the most challenging tasks faced by dental practices. It is common for practices to simply attempt to fill every time slot in the day without paying close attention to the procedures. The use of block scheduling makes it easier to achieve revenue goals each day. This is the process of scheduling similar treatments close together. For example, dentists may schedule more difficult cases in the morning. The afternoon is a good time for scheduling easier cases.

When implementing block scheduling, dental practices face two main challenges. As a first step, the staff often gives patients free rein when making appointments. They are often asked if they prefer to come in the morning or afternoon. As a second step, employees must learn when to release unfilled blocks and schedule other patients in their place. If unused blocks are not filled, the coach may suggest implementing a waiting list. Staff can be trained on how to do this effectively by the consultant.

Get help from a dental coach.

As a doctor, you enjoy helping patients, but you also want to make money. You may be missing out on opportunities to increase profits in your practice. Making your practice more profitable is possible with the help of a dental coach. A consultant will provide you with strategies and assist you in implementing them. Once you start making more money, these strategies will become second nature. We invite you to contact our dental consulting office to schedule a consultation and to find out how we may be able to assist you.

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