Lynne Leggett
Founder & CEO

Why Choose Victory
Dental Management?

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You are likely here because you know it’s time for a change. Perhaps you are struggling to get your employees to work together as a true team. Maybe you want to take the practice to a new level of success. You may think that it’s time to start strategic scheduling for optimizing profits. Perhaps you are unsure just how to improve your bottom line or create more time for yourself. Maybe you feel yourself on the verge of burnout. No matter the reason for your visit today, if you are seeking positive change in your dental business, we can help.

We know that Victory is defined differently for each person we work with. We will take the time to learn about your goals and dreams before creating a custom, detailed path for your success.

Implementing Strategies for
Reducing Workplace Stress

Dental Consultant

Dentists experience a great deal of stress on a daily basis. Dentistry is one of the only professions in which the business owner cannot often delegate the technical work—dentistry. This means that you are responsible for running the business and working in the business, which in many circumstances are both full time responsibilities.

Boosting Team
Performance through
Effective Leadership
and Management

Our consultants have mastered the art of communication, leadership and management. As a basketball coach and dental practice management consultant, Lynne Leggett understands that leadership plays a crucial role in developing an efficient, synergistic team.

Our team will help you to identify the best leadership style for your individual personality, while considering the personalities of your team members.

Hire Lynne for Your Next Event!

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Discover the dynamic and engaging speaker, Lynne, for your upcoming event! Dive into her expertise and offerings by downloading Lynne’s Speaker Packet through the provided link. Whether you’re curious about her availability or eager to schedule her for your event, feel free to contact us. Elevate your occasion with Lynne’s insightful and impactful presentations.

How to Create a Winning Dental Practice for Your Success

Lynne Leggett, a seasoned dental practice management coach, offers a unique approach shaped by over 25 years of diverse business experience and coaching basketball. In her book, she unveils a transformative playbook for dental practice success. Lynne’s insights range from defining mission and vision statements to creating an efficient practice culture that reduces stress and elevates patient care. Discover the keys to maximizing team contributions, fostering efficient systems, and achieving both professional and patient-centered goals. Lynne’s no-nonsense approach is your guide to unlocking the full potential of your practice, increasing productivity, and ensuring a fulfilling patient care experience.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Over the years that Lynne worked for me, she demonstrated an “ownership mentality” that is rarely seen today. She was not only focused on patient care, but also the profitability of the practice. She used her business background in streamlining our business policies to enhance the practice but also the patient’s experience as well. Without reservation I recommend working with Lynne.”

Gregory K Kontopanos, DDS
Owner Kontopanos Family Dentistry

“Lynne is a wonderful resource for me and my clients. She has a deep knowledge of dental office management and understands the importance of well-implemented systems. I know I can turn to her with any project and it will be completed in an efficient and detailed manner. I recommend Lynne’s consulting services without hesitation.”

Teresa Duncan, MS
Dental Speaker, Consultant & Corporate Adviser

“Lynne was excellent at educating my team members on communication and phone skills. We all found Lynne easy to talk to, and a superb communicator. I highly recommend Lynne as a consultant for any dental practice (or any business for that matter) that needs assistance and coaching with communication and phone skills.”

Shaun B. Rai, DMD, PLLC
Rai Oral Surgery and Dental Implants

“Lynne is a knowledgeable professional who genuinely CARES about the success of her clients. By focusing on our current systems and processes and introducing ‘best practice concepts’, Lynne has markedly improved our efficiency, profitability and overall patient experience. I highly recommend Victory Dental Management.”

Pooja Khurana
DDS Today’s Dental Care

Maximizing Profitability with Strategic Financial Measures

Dental Consultant

The front admin team members hold the key to success or failure in a practice. They are the gatekeepers who decide who comes into the practice. They are filing insurance claims, scheduling, and essentially running many operational elements of your business. Many front desk professionals receive training in the basics, but often do not receive training which allows them to contribute on a bigger, more impactful level.