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It is said that teamwork makes the dream work. With a team of rock stars behind you, your practice can truly soar to the success you envisioned when you first started out. It can, however, be a bit more difficult than you’d thought to put together such an amazing team. If you have the right people, there may be something that prevents them from reaching their full potential. Check out this list of common characteristics of high-performing teams. Which ones are performing well for your team? Is there anything they lack? It may just give you the insight you need to move forward if you compare this list to your own.

The team is more important than any individual member.

It is inevitable that some members of the team will hold positions of power in any business. This should not make them more or less important than any other team member. Your team can become more productive when they know they are all equals and working toward the same goal of practice success.

Every individual carries their own weight

Each team member must perform optimally in their own role. Your team can struggle when one person falls behind while maintaining their own work while picking up the slack. In the end, this characteristic boils down to mutual respect. If you have a team that respects each other, they’ll work together to make sure everyone has what they need. When people lack respect, it’s likely that they’ll perform the bare minimum in their roles.

Having faith

The level of trust that your employees have in each other is just as important as mutual respect. Trust allows for strong team cohesion, conflict management, and natural agreement when issues arise among a team. A cohesive team built on trust means everyone is working towards the same goals, knows how to work together, and is able to make the right judgement calls when problems arise.

Limitations: Understanding them

The most successful teams know when to ask for outside assistance. It’s okay to ask for outside assistance or perspective if you feel your team lacks the experience or knowledge to complete a task. It’s also okay if the workload seems too much for your team to handle.

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