Making a “True Team”

Dental Consultant

A team, by definition, comes together to achieve a common goal. You may have employees, but that does not necessarily mean they are working together synergistically as a team. We know the steps involved in successfully creating a team.

Step 1: Articulate your goals

We will work together to define your core values, your specific goals and your strengths. We will then create a plan to allow your employees to work together as a true team to not only accomplish goals, but also to take pride in their work. Defining your goals will allow your team to connect with your mission.

Step 2: Maximize Efficiency

We are experts in efficiency. When roles or job descriptions are not clear, team members can trip over each other, duplicate tasks, and even miss important steps. Over time, efficiency issues will raise your overhead. We will help you to identify and assign responsibilities, based on the highest and best use of each person’s time. This strategy will clarify roles and responsibilities to allow for true teamwork and increased efficiency for your whole team.

Step 3: Victory

In a dental office, as in most sports, team morale is important. Measuring and valuing your team’s successes can improve morale, job satisfaction and your bottom line. We will help your team to treat your successes and milestones as a victory to keep morale high and to keep the team involved. We will help you to consistently set new goals and reach new milestones as your business evolves.