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More than 7 out of 10 consumers use the internet to find medical and dental care, according to
a Pew Research study. Your online presence can have a profound impact on the success and
growth of your practice.

Considering how these aspects of online marketing are currently working for, or against, your
practice is a critical step in developing a plan to grow for the future..
Remain Active on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others have replaced word of mouth for how people share
information. By maintaining active social media pages, you can engage your community by
sharing photos, videos, special offers, personal stories, community events, and more.

Encourage your patients and staff to share your posts. This leads to greater visibility and
interest. It keeps you top of mind and makes the community feel more comfortable with you.
Being a “known quantity” in the market goes a long way, especially in more mobile areas.

Upgrade Your Website

Your website must reflect your brand and communicate instantly what you offer. Potential
patients have a wealth of options to consider, particularly in highly competitive markets, and
your site must grab their interest quickly.

Your practice needs a modern-looking website with accurate information, an architecture that is
easy to navigate, and a design that is responsive for all types of screens. If your website laods
slowly, has an outdated look, or is not responsive (mobile-friendly), most visitors will move on to
another practice with greater online appeal.

Seek Positive Online Reviews

According to the Pew Research survey, 92 percent of people read online reviews and 80
percent believe that reviews are as accurate as personal recommendations. If you are not
monitoring your practice on review sites, you are essentially allowing others to control your
reputation. Reviews can also lead to constructive criticism that will serve to improve your
business and your team.

Ask your patients to post good reviews on sites like Facebook, Google, or Yelp. Unless they are
asked, many people only post when they are unhappy with the service provided. However,
patients who are pleased with your practice are usually happy to share their feelings when

Consider recording the best patient testimonials, sharing them on social media, and posting
them on your website.

The work involved in successfully marketing a business online can be daunting, but the cost of
hiring a professional dental consultant can be more than offset by growth in new patients and case

If you’d like to consider the options for growing your practice, contact our dental consultant today.

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