June Coach’s Corner | Your Huddle = Team Time

Dental Consultant

I am often asked what items should be included in a morning huddle. In addition to your practice metrics and where you are according to your goals, I want to focus on something that will help your team build more comradery. 

We all work so closely together as a team and let’s face it; life can be difficult. I started doing this with my clients before covid, and I think this addition to your huddle is now even more important. Each team member needs to be able to share how they are doing personally within the team. If someone had a bad morning or life is heavy for them right now, how do you share that information within the team? I have found that something as quick as a number on a scale makes a huge difference and brings the team closer together. At the end of each huddle, ask your team to go around and give a number. I like 1-5 since that range is more concise versus 1-10. On this scale, 1 is deeply troubled or upset and 5 is everything is great. When you give your team the freedom to share their number each morning, that helps with communication within the team and allows some sharing that helps bond the team together. The practices that do this show empathy to one another and helps create a culture of sharing and support within your team. During the week, we spend more time with our coworkers than our families. By allowing your team to share their number, this actively demonstrates that the Doctor or Office Manager genuinely cares about the team. 

If a team member says they are a 1 or 2, the team needs to ask how they can support him or her. It also allows the entire team to actively make sure their team member is alright during and after the huddle meeting.  Let me give an example. If you know that Mr. Jones can be a difficult patient, maybe you switch things around so this team member does not come in contact with Mr. Jones during his appointment. When we are stressed and our number is a 1 or 2, sometimes we do not communicate as well as if our number were a 3 or higher. By the team proactively understanding all of this, the day will run smoother for your team member that is not feeling their best and it also focus’s the entire team to look out for one another. So many misunderstandings occur, and communication issues arise when we are stressed and not having a 4-5 kind of day. This also makes sure your patients are getting the best from your team each appointment. You are actively setting your team and your practice up for success. 

There is also another benefit for doing this during your daily huddle. Allowing your team the opportunity to be vulnerable will also help build a culture where your practice is incredibly special and unique. By creating the right culture, you help ensure your team members staying long term at your practice. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please get in touch with me at [email protected].

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