Coach’s Corner | May is Mental Health Month

Dental Consultant

Burnout and mental health are closely intertwined, affecting various aspects of our lives. As I speak and coach on burnout, I am often asked to simplify the subject of burnout.

Burnout is characterized by three main components:

  • Exhaustion/Overwhelm: Feeling drained and physically fatigued due to prolonged stress.
  • Emotional Withdrawal/Disengagement: becoming emotionally detached from work or other obligations.
  • Cynicism: Developing a general sense of negativity and questioning the purpose of it all.

Historically, burnout was seen as problematic primarily because of its toll on an individual’s mental health and reduced work performance. However, recent research reveals that burnout affects more than work; it spills over into relationships.

This is the most simplified way I can explain burnout. As many practices continue to work short-staffed, the symptoms of burnout are becoming more apparent as time goes by. That is one of the main reasons why I developed my custom burnout program – No More Struggling with Burnout – Discover, Recover, and Balance. Please reach out to me if you or a team member needs some support.

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