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This week I hope you are taking a break and celebrating Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. 

For my family, there will be a seat missing this year. Last month, my Nana, who was over 100 years old, passed away. She lived such a long life and taught me so much. It is in her honor that I dedicate this Coach’s Corner to her, discussing what she taught me, and how this can relate to your dental office. 

To say her generation understood hard work is an understatement. As a small child, she grew up on a farm and knew hard work equaled the amount of food on the table. Living through the Great Depression, she watched her family learn the hard way about how to save money. Growing up in this ever-changing environment also taught her what self-discipline looked like on a practical level. 

When she married my grandfather, she worked outside the home, which was rare in those days. I can recall the stories both of them shared with me about life during WWII. They both worked during the day in their respective jobs, and when they got off work, they worked again at a gas station/grill that they owned. I took for granted their entrepreneurial skills which I have in my blood. My Nana was so proud of me owning my own company.  My grandparents would share how soldiers were passing through town and sometimes they just needed some help. They gave away so much to others because it was the right thing to do in that situation. It was given in the spirit of loving others. 

I think you can see how these examples relate very easily to your dental practice. Getting into dental school takes a lot of discipline to study to obtain the appropriate grades. Working hard and having perfect clinical skills is not suggested- it is expected as a dental student. After doing all of the hard work and graduating with your degree, then you make the decision about how you are going to practice dentistry. Will you join a practice as an associate, or will you start one from scratch? This is where your entrepreneurial skills come into focus. For those of you who have the flexibility, you will give away some of your dentistry for free since it is the right thing to do in certain situations. Every dentist I have met has a giving heart. 

It is in that spirit of thankfulness that I hope you are surrounded by your loved ones and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.

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