May Coach’s Corner 2021 | Impact and Significance

Dental Consultant

Most of my followers of Coach’s Corner are general dentists, specialists, office managers, and team members in practices across the country. This month’s post is meant to encourage all of you. I know the last 14 months have been filled with ups and downs that we could have never imagined, and I want to share a couple stories that have occurred with my clients so that you can appreciate the impact you are making in your patient’s lives. 

One of my clients is now practicing dentistry in a different way than she anticipated. She is now the sole provider of all clinical production in her practice. This was not her choice, but her hygienist left the industry due to Covid-19 and she has been looking to replace her since that time. As you all know, it is difficult to find the right team member to join her team. As you can imagine, we have worked to change her schedule so production suffers as little as possible, and she does not get burnout. I am sharing this since several of her patients have remarked how much they love just seeing her and she is able to accomplish more in each appointment.  She shared with me a few weeks ago that she found a potential issue during her exam and the patient’s doctor confirmed the diagnosis of cancer. It was caught so early that her patient is telling everyone her dentist saved her life. It would be difficult to find a better example of the impact and the significance my client has in the life of her patients.  

Let me share another encouraging story told to me from a financial coordinator who works for one of my clients. She has been talking with a patient that had a long treatment plan that always seemed to put off his needed dental work. I know you can all relate to this one 😊.  We had been working on several different ways to communicate so patients like this one would consent and get his treatment done. After several previous attempts, this particular patient said yes, scheduled, and showed up for his appointment. All of his diagnosed work is complete and paid for. {She waited until all of this was done before she called me to share the good news}.  News like this is cause for celebration for not only this treatment coordinator, but also the entire practice.  Let me fill you in on the rest of the story. This dental practice has been looking to fill two administrative positions for the past 6 months. Celebrating this particular event means even more when you understand the stress that has plagued this office for months. Not only that, the impact she had on his life is evident not only when he smiles, but also every time he eats. 

I am sure all of you can share your personal stories about the significance you have had in your patients’ lives.  My main focus is to let you know there is light ahead in the tunnel. Please be encouraged that if you are navigating these waters like the above two practices, you are not alone. I think the statement, “you are not alone” means so much now. Sometimes we feel like we are on an island and no one understands what we are going through. Our industry has seen so many changes these past 14 months, and some practices are not back to normal yet – and that is ok. Take the wins when you can and celebrate those since they are well earned. 

If you need assistance or someone to talk about your strategy for handling all of the stresses of running a dental practice right now, please get in touch with me. You are not alone.

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