This book takes all of the essential elements of running a practice and leading a team and gives excellent, immediately implementable tips. It helps to paint a picture for the owner as to his/her role in the dental practice. If you haven’t invested in this read, I highly recommend it! Dentistry’s must read book!
Grace Rizza
Identity Dental Marketing

Lynne Leggett’s new book, You Can’t Coach Quit, is a stellar read with great tips for moving your life, your team and your business forward. Her years as a successful basketball coach have made her the perfect author to connect the team sport of basketball to the team training of dentistry. Every dental leader playing the game of life to win will greatly benefit from Lynne’s unique style and coaching expertise.

Anne Duffy
Editor & Publisher
Dental Entrepreneur: Business Beyond the Classroom
Dew Life Magazine

“Just finished your book and all I can say is Wow! Great book, easy read, important messages. Anyone who reads this will understand what it takes to be a leader!

Lois Banta

“I became a provider to help my patients live longer, healthier lives. But, as you all know, there are so many obstacles in our way. It’s refreshing to find someone who not only understands this, but can help us navigate the minefield that is healthcare today. All I can say is do yourself a favor and get this book. Although it’s a quick read, you’ll find yourself going back to her tips over and over and over again. All I have to ask Lynne is when’s the next book!?


As always Lynne hit the nail on the head with this book, very positive take on what many view as a stressor in running a dental practice. Lynne has a way of breaking the subject down in a way dentists are able to visually understand what it takes to efficiently build a team rather than having employees working the practice. Every dentist should read this book!

Julie Mitchell

This book is a refreshing take on a challenging subject. It uses a positive approach to shape a team mindset. Lynne Leggett is a Coach instead of a consultant that gets to know your team and helps coach their strengths. This a quick read that can provide mental uplift and ideas to take to your Dental team immediately. Valuable find I have shared with my team to read as well


The coach/team point of view is one I hadn’t thought of for a dental office. I know you have to be a leader but easier said than done. The author gives you tips to implement action items like a coach would. While I read it I was writing down action steps. The book is written very matter-of-factly and I appreciate that. I’m looking forward to sharing this information. Leading people is hard work!


As dental professionals we are always looking for material to help us be more efficient and run our practices better. This book offered just that! It was a quick read which I appreciate in my ultra busy lifestyle. Lynne’s coaching tips were great, easy to implement, and her chapter on culture gave me some great ideas to implement with my team Monday morning.

Beverly MB Wilburn

Truly a MUST READ for Dentists, Office Managers, and Dental Coaches!! I have been an office manager for years, and coach specialty practices; and this has changed the way I look at “TEAMS” and my coaching skills. Do you have a TEAM or a STAFF?? Don’t answer until you read this book, “You Can’t Coach Quit”, by Lynne Leggett. Listen to a basketball and dental coach; get a new perspective on leading your team to victory. Love it! Really makes you think, and empowers and motivates you to positive change.

Leslie Icenogle

“Lynne Leggett is a coach in every fiber of her being. She is encouraging, enlightening and when it comes to honest truth needed to be a successful coach…well stay in the game with her. She proves that consistency, values and principles are a dentist and leaders best friend. If you want to get in the game, get in this book and go deep on the strategies she has presented ever so simply!”

JoAn Majors, RDA, CSP®
Professional Speaker,
Published Author & Soft Skills Specialist

“As our industry rapidly changes, we all need quality team members we can depend on. Team members who catch our vision of putting patients first and providing for their overall total oral health. Lynne Leggett, BS has authored a gem of a book that I have loved reading. “You Can’t Coach Quit: How to Create a Winning Dental Practice for Your Success” weaves humor and practical advice, that can truly be implemented, in each chapter. The entire book was amazing to read but my favorite parts were the Coaching Tips that were included in each chapter. These gems were worded in a way that allows you to learn, apply, and become the best leader you can be, so your team can be the best team they can be. I am sending a copy to my son who will be graduating dental school this year.  What a great gift since this is a how-to, not just a lecture.  Thanks, Lynne for sharing your expertise in this book.”

Christine Taxin

aimee-glaser“Working with Lynne was one of the best decisions we have made! She is one of our team. We always feel like we can contact her with questions and her response time is fantastic!”

Aimee Glaser
Glaser Dental

pooja-khurana-dds“Lynne is a knowledgeable professional who genuinely CARES about the success of her clients. By focusing on our current systems and processes and introducing ‘best practice concepts’, Lynne has markedly improved our efficiency, profitability and overall patient experience. I highly recommend Victory Dental Management.”

Pooja Khurana, DDS
Today’s Dental Care

pooja-khurana-dds“Lynne was excellent at educating my team members on communication and phone skills. We all found Lynne easy to talk to, and a superb communicator. I highly recommend Lynne as a consultant for any dental practice (or any business for that matter) that needs assistance and coaching with communication and phone skills.”

Shaun B. Rai, DMD, PLLC
Rai Oral Surgery and Dental Implants

Andrew-V-Inge-DDS“I highly recommend Lynne Leggett with Victory Dental Management for any dental practice, whether it is a small startup or an established and successful one. Victory Dental Management is not a large one size fits all management program. It operates on a very personal basis, helping the individual practitioner identify areas of concern and coaching the dentist in practical ways of dealing with these issues. Our experience with Lynne started with our main problem, staffing issues. Then we tackled our fee structure and insurance codes. Now we are getting into the area of overhead control. The coaching we have received has greatly reduced the stress in our office and has increased our bottom line. Dentistry has become much more fun. One of the best things is that when a situation arises, you have immediate access to your coach for feedback and advice. Whether it is long term planning or dealing with areas that need immediate attention, I cannot recommend Victory Dental Management more highly.”

Andrew V. Inge, DDS
Maple Tree Dental

Testimonial-a“Lynne is a wonderful resource for me and my clients. She has a deep knowledge of dental office management and understands the importance of well-implemented systems. I know I can turn to her with any project and it will be completed in an efficient and detailed manner. I recommend Lynne’s consulting services without hesitation.”

Teresa Duncan, MS
Dental Speaker, Consultant & Corporate Adviser

Testimonial-b“With her background in Logistics, Dental Office Management, Customer Service and Sales, Lynne was quite helpful in the formative years of OneMind Health ( formerly MDE) in teaching new customers not only the mechanics of using a revolutionary new system for receiving real-time information from insurance payers, but more importantly the VALUE of the system for their office. Lynne is an outside the box thinker who will find ways to optimize a practice to increase efficiencies and the bottom line.”

Brian Cutler
Senior Vice President, OneMind Health

testimonials-3“Over the years that Lynne worked for me, she demonstrated an “ownership mentality” that is rarely seen today. She was not only focused on patient care, but also the profitability of the practice. She used her business background in streamlining our business policies to enhance the practice but also the patient’s experience as well. Without reservation I recommend working with Lynne.”

Gregory K Kontopanos, DDS
Owner Kontopanos Family Dentistry

testimonials-4“My experience with Lynne Leggett has been exceptional. Her knowledge and first class service has strengthened our billing, policies and procedures immensely. I would recommend her to all doctors and their practices.”

Thomas Taylor, DMD
Owner Smile Taylor Orthodontics

“This review is long overdue but definitely warranted. Lynne was my consultant last year and helped me and my team really tighten up a lot of loose ends. As a young practice owner, you don’t know what you don’t know. Lynne helped me realize what I don’t know without making me feel stupid for not knowing it. Me and my team are doing quite well now and I have to give credit to Lynne for helping us create winning systems. Thank you Lynne.”

Tony Cruz-McLeod, DMD
Bright Smiles of Beacon