Struggling With Burnout

Dental Consultant

No More Struggling with Burnout – Discover, Recover, and Balance

Many people are suffering from burnout or find themselves on the verge of burnout. That is why I created my coaching program, No More Struggling with Burnout – Discover, Recover, and Balance.

Burnout is a growing problem in all industries and especially the dental industry. Working in our field, we care so much there comes a time when our tank is empty, and we don’t care like we once did. We’re exhausted physically and mentally. We’ve done so much with so little for so long that something has to change. That feeling of hopelessness is real when you’re suffering from burnout.

The goal of this three-month program is to understand where you are on the Burnout spectrum, evaluate the causes, and create a plan going forward tailored specifically to your individual needs.

No More Struggling with Burnout – Discover, Recover, and Balance details:

  • Program lasts 3 months
  • Each month consists of two individual coaching sessions
  • Weekly assignments will be completed before the next session

Real Experiences:

During a challenging time in my dental career, I had the pleasure of working with Lynne Leggett, a burnout coach at Victory Dental Management. The demands of running a busy practice had left me feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and on the verge of burnout. Lynne’s expertise and guidance were instrumental in turning my professional life around.

From our initial consultation, Lynne demonstrated a deep understanding of the unique stressors dental professionals face. Her empathetic approach and keen insights helped me to identify the root causes of my burnout, paving the way for a targeted and effec tive coaching plan.

Lynne’s coaching sessions were tailored to my needs, combining practical strategies and emotional support. She provided valuable tools to manage stress, improve time management, and foster a healthier work – life balance. Lynne’s holistic approach addressed the symptoms of burnout and encouraged self – reflection and personal growth.

One of the most significant changes I experienced was a shift in mindset. Lynne empowered me to set realistic goals, prioritize self – care, and establish boundaries in my professional life.

As the coaching sessions progressed, I found myself reenergized and more resilient in the face of challenges. Lynne’s encouragement and unwavering support helped me regain control over my professional life, improving productivity and enhancing job satisfaction.

Lynne’s impact on my life and dental practice has been transformative, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to any professional facing burnout. Lynne’s expertise and genuine concern for her clients set her apart as an exceptional burnout coach. Than k you, Lynne, for guiding me back to a place of balance and fulfillment in my career.

Anne Wiseman, DDS, MSD

Diplomate, American Board of Endodontists