Dental Business Coach | Take the Time to Strengthen Your Relationships

Each year I pick a word or phrase that resonates with me to be like a theme. This year I chose the word relationships.  Due to me being a business owner, wife, mother, and basketball coach, sometimes I do not take the time and stay in touch with people like I should.  Life somehow gets in the way.  I am no different than anyone else – so much to do and so little time to do it.  This year I have intentionally decided I want to spend time staying connected with friends and colleagues much better than I have in the past.  As time goes by, I realize it is the relationships we have with others that bring joy to our lives.  Connecting with people refreshes us and give us a support system.

That was very evident to me a couple weeks ago when I met some friends in San Antonio, Texas.  All four of us live busy lives, and the love of dentistry brought us together.  We all have different roles within the dental industry, and we can call on each other like sisters.  I am sharing this as I believe you need to find other people in your lives that share your passion and can encourage you in your endeavors.

When we are under stress, some people can isolate themselves.  I do not think that is the healthiest of ways to manage.  We are meant to be around other people and truly connect and strengthen our relationship with one another.  Sometimes, life gets so busy we tend to put ourselves last.  I could have stayed at home and gotten more work done, but I remembered my word for the year.  Had I not made time for relationships, I would have missed out on some great sharing of obstacles and problem solving with each other.

Please consider this a friendly reminder to take the time to connect with others to strengthen your relationships and your support system. If I may be of assistance to you and your practice, please take a moment and get in touch with me.