Coach’s Corner | Preparing The Schedule For Your Return

These really are extreme times we are living in, aren’t they?  I found this plaque that I received from a client years ago as it says, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it is about learning to dance in the rain.”  With that in mind, let me give you some topics to discuss when you have a team meeting.  I think having those now with your team, while you are not seeing non-emergency patients, is critical.  Keeping your team involved in the planning process is crucial to team morale and team buy-in.  It keeps all of you focused on the future which is very important to everyone’s mental health and the financial health of your practice.

Let me focus on your schedule.  You may need to re-adjust your hours by adding some in the morning and afternoon; maybe having Friday and Saturday hours are necessary to catch up to care for your patients.  When reviewing your hygiene schedule, make sure you have plenty of hours available.  As you know, we are many weeks behind in seeing patients that were scheduled for regular exams and perio maintenance.

Hopefully you have been diligent already with your administrative team members focusing on your account’s receivables, especially outstanding claims.  Insurance companies are still open and paying your claims so please have a team member stay on top of these for the practice.  Posting insurance checks are also key to keeping some revenue coming into your practice.  I understand if you want to be flexible with your patient aging and you know your patients.  Make the best decision for your situation.

I hope you stay safe and stay healthy.