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As dental consultants, we understand how stress often goes hand in hand with running a business. When you are trying to meet quotas, attract new customers, and increase your productivity, work can seem like a chore. The chances are that you are not the only one who dreads going into the office due to the oppressive atmosphere present. You may be able to turn this around much more quickly than you think for you and your team. Consider a daily dose of laughter a good way to add a bit of fun to your business life.

Humor in the workplace does not change deadlines or performance expectations, but it can make the workplace more enjoyable for everyone. A workplace that is fun and engaging will make work feel lighter and easier. Studies have demonstrated that laughter relieves tension, boosts the immune system, and relaxes muscles. It can also enhance memory, energy, creativity, and mood. This can benefit everyone in the office.

The ability to inject a little bit of humor into your workday can be achieved by using a variety of methods. If you are starting the huddle with the team, share a joke with them and invite them to share their own joke. In a shared space, create a board and ask everyone to contribute a funny image or comic strip when they have the time. Wear silly shirts at least once a week or once a month just for the fun of it. Also, you can use social media to share funny photos and videos of you and your team in real-time. This will help you to create a lasting memory for everyone.

While it is important to inject a little humor into your workday, do not let this become a distraction or an excuse to not concentrate on the task at hand. You can organize a team lunch every Friday to build relationships with your team, or you can coordinate breaks together and share jokes during those times. You can even arrange team events such as bowling, mini-golf, and a team dinner outside of the working hours to further strengthen your team’s bond. There are a lot of distractions available today with social media and mobile phones, so make sure that when it is appropriate to enjoy each other’s company, you are in the moment and are learning how to connect with people in your life in person. 

Adding a little humor into your workplace can make your employees enjoy their work more, boost their productivity, and improve their mood. Get in touch with Victory Dental Management for more information on how to engage your employees.

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Coach’s Corner | No more struggling with burnout – discover, recover, and balance

With this office manager’s permission, I am sharing her story with you. We met after she attended my presentation on Burnout and based on my conversations with others, her story is pretty common. For the last 15 years she has been an office manager for the same doctor that hired her, and together they have built the practice and tripled the size of it. Now multiple doctors are there, and the supporting team has grown from 4 to 15. She used to wake up excited about her day and what she would accomplish. For the last several months she has dreaded coming to work. She cannot pinpoint when that switch took place. In the past she felt in control of her daily life, and now she feels overwhelmed and hopeless. Some days she is doing well to “suck it up” and go to work. After my Burnout presentation, she realizes she is going down a path that needs to change. She now understands the signs and symptoms of burnout and how to combat those items. We had a lengthy conversation after my presentation, and she asked me if I could be her coach and help her through this. Honestly, I had never thought of offering this as part of my coaching services until she asked about it. Before everyone left for the evening, I asked the audience that remained if they would be interested in this program, and everyone raised their hand. This audience consisted of every role in the practice, doctors, office managers, hygienists, assistants, and administrative team members.

I share this with you for a couple reasons. The most important is that if you are feeling overwhelmed or you think it is burnout, please listen to your mind and body. These symptoms are real so please do not ignore them. Second, if you are interested in finding out more about my coaching program, please get in touch with me. Please email me [email protected]

Do You Minimize Your Work? | Victory Dental Management

Often, a person’s perception is heavily influenced by what they hear. How would you describe your practice or the services that you provide? Are you underselling what you offer? When patients come to you, they trust you because they know you will be open, honest, and able to explain the state of their oral health in a way that they will understand. The language you choose should be carefully chosen to convey your message. Find out more about how you can improve your dental communication by reading the following tips.

A “Comprehensive Examination” or “Check-Up”

To most people, “check-ups” sound like a useless and menial procedure. When dental care is referred to in this manner, the quality of the care is diminished. Consider it similar to taking your car in for an annual tune-up. Use the more professional-sounding “comprehensive examination.” This emphasizes that you and your team are doing a lot more than just looking at the teeth. While performing a thorough cleaning and looking for signs of decay or oral cancer, you are also providing recommendations for additional treatment. This goes far beyond a routine checkup.

“It’s just a…”

This is a phrase you shouldn’t use when leading to a diagnosis. By saying, ‘it’s just a cavity or ‘it’s just a little inflammation, you are minimizing the importance of taking action in the first place. Your patients might interpret this as an approval to put off treatment until later. Many people are unaware of the importance of their oral health, and how oral diseases may spread, worsen, and result in other painful and expensive problems. Your diagnosis should be crystal clear to your patients, but never suggest that they can wait or that the diagnosis is unimportant.

“Whitening” is Not the Same as “Bleaching”

When speaking with patients about whitening treatments, use the word “whitening” rather than “bleaching”. For some patients, this is an indication that the whitening process involves the use of bleach. Additionally, it sounds a lot more painful than “whitening.” The use of the term “bleaching” implies that harsh chemicals are involved. Using the term whitening is a great term to use since it accurately describes what the treatment is about: whitening the smile of the patient.

Choosing the right terminology is very important. Your patients rely on your communication skills to learn about their oral health. You should always be clear, concise, and honest with them. In general, the public does not always view dental professionals in a positive light. Transparency in communication is one of the best ways to bridge the gap between your team and your patients. By describing your services in strong and descriptive terms, you can help to demonstrate your value to your patients and avoid undermining the importance of your work.

To obtain more information, or to schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to contact Victory Dental Management.

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Increase Production by Combating Burnout | Victory Dental Management

Are you feeling tired, stressed, and overwhelmed at the moment, which has affected your productivity? If so, you’re not alone, and we can help you through it. There is no reason to feel discouraged or alone if you or your team experience burnout as a dentist or as a member of the team. Everyone experiences burnout from time to time. To prevent burnout from negatively affecting your practice, you need to learn how to identify it and manage it.

How to Identify Burnout

When you are tired, unfocused, or bored, you may experience burnout. Does your team lack the same enthusiasm as before? It is important to look into these clues and behaviors as soon as you recognize them. As you have built relationships with the patients who truly depend on you and your team throughout your career in dentistry, you have invested countless hours into gaining their trust. It is important not to let a temporary period of burnout affect your confidence in your work. Instead, it’s time to re-energize your approach and focus on the things that matter to you. 

Identifying Areas of Concern

When production numbers start to slip, look at what is affecting them and pay attention to the relationships and rapport in your office. Morale can suffer when a department’s numbers drop, which can hurt the office as a whole. As soon as the problem area has been identified, your team can begin implementing a solution. In our experience, the best way to handle this situation is to have a team huddle and come up with an action plan together.

Explore New Areas

Burnout may be an indication that the time has come to learn a new skill. By giving your team the chance to learn new skills it creates a sense of accomplishment and growth. It is a good idea to enroll in a continuing education course or workshop on a new or intriguing topic. A great way to boost your appointment numbers if they are dwindling is by increasing the number of services that you provide. What additional training do you need for your staff? Perhaps you should decide on a course that everyone can attend together. Furthermore, you will improve your relationships with each other as well as the morale of your team as a whole.

There is no doubt that even the most talented dental team can suffer from burnout. Once you start to notice the signs of burnout, don’t wait for them to disappear on their own. Rather, take action as soon as you notice them and identify what needs to be improved.

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Coach’s Corner | We are not the only industry hiring – respect at the front desk

I want to share with you my experience at an orthopedic surgeon’s office. This week when I was checking in for my appointment it was obvious this young lady was new. She was very friendly but not very professional with her demeanor or her word choice, but she cared about taking care of patients. The problem arose when she was trying to print off a receipt for me. For some reason she couldn’t get the system to work. Then she proceeded to look at me and say there was a recent software update, and it really changed a lot of things. When asking for help from two other front office team members, they came over and tried but it wouldn’t work for them, and they both threw up their hands and walked away. They left the “new girl” struggling. I was just sitting there, patiently waiting in my chair when all of a sudden, the manager whipped around the corner and asked her in front of me what she’s done in an accusatory tone. She then barks for her to get up out of the chair, it’s easier if she does it. For whatever reason the manager did not care what came out of her mouth with her unprofessional behavior. I’m watching all of this thinking this poor girl obviously has not been given all of the tools that she needs to be successful in front of the patient. Worse yet, the manager obviously didn’t care about the patient experience, or she would have communicated and represented the practice in a much more professional manner with the word choice and tone used in front of her team member and in front of me. I realize some days we have more patience than other days. It’s not something we should do, but sometimes it comes off that way. When the manager said all of this, she showed the new employee screens this poor team member had never seen before. As she was looking over her shoulder, she grabbed her notebook to take notes because she didn’t know what she had done, and she wanted to fix the problem.

The way in which this manager treated her own team member in front of patients reminded me of something that may have happened in your practice. We have had to hire team members that do not have dental experience. When somebody comes to you that is willing and wants to learn and then you verbally beat them down and humiliate them in front of a patient – how long do you think that that new team member is going to sit there and take that kind of verbal abuse? The funny thing is my sister was with me for this appointment. As soon as we went to take our seats in the reception area, we both looked at each other and commented on this whole thing. Of course, I told her this has got to be a Coach’s Corner because this is real. This stuff happens.

I share all of this as a friendly reminder to everyone. Remember when working with new team members and those especially new to dentistry to set them up for success. The better way of handling this would have been taking more care and telling me, you know what, we’ve had a software update. Susie here is new to our practice. Can I use this as a teaching opportunity? I would have loved to have seen that because it would have shown me, the patient, how much care you take to make sure that she is taught correctly and that this is the service that you expect for patients coming in and being seen. We all know that hiring has become, let’s say interesting, over the last few years. Don’t be afraid to do this in front of any patients – it actually shows you care for your team members and your patients – it’s a win/win.

Hiring and onboarding new team members may create a stressful situation in your practice. There is no need to work in a frustrating environment. Please reach out to [email protected] to set up a call to discuss your situation.

Buying Time is Easy with These 3 Methods | Victory Dental Management

Time is your most valuable resource. Time management can be challenging on certain days, but it can also be impossible. Examine your current methods of organizing your schedule. Is there any other tool you could be using to keep your practice’s most valuable asset intact? Consider these three solutions.

1. Review Your Management Techniques

Without spending a dime, you can buy time. Implement a new method of monitoring practice productivity. In a quick email, have your team document their activities for the day. A quantitative listing of duties for each staff member allows the easy reference in the future. Using this technique, you don’t have to micromanage your staff by asking them, “What are you doing today?”.” A full day of appointments makes it hard to implement managerial tasks.

By keeping track of what each team member contributes, you can cut down on daily meetings. Keeping track of the tasks completed at the end of the day helps everyone at your practice be aware of who must take responsibility for what.

2. Optimize your productivity with apps

“Time lost cannot be regained.” How can you make use of this information in your daily tasks? Keeping track of your practice can be made more accessible by utilizing various services and applications available on your mobile device. Such applications can be beneficial to your practice. Modern technology allows businesses to manage all aspects of their operations without relying on manual processes.

Using scheduling software and apps is beneficial. Rather than sending emails in real-time, you can schedule them to remind patients to book their next appointment at your office. It can be a valuable tool for patient retention because it keeps you in constant contact with your patients. You can save time by using apps such as these and keeping track of how your practice is doing. 

3. Take advantage of a faster check-in

The time that slips through your fingers is not always your team’s fault. It only takes one late patient to throw the entire day off. Be sure to make registering your patients as simple as possible. Prepare complaint forms online so that patients can fill them out before attending the office. It will help run your practice smoothly if your patients can fill out forms in advance. Work with your patients to ensure a smoother and faster registration process, so you do not earn a reputation for being behind schedule. This will prevent patients from completing redundant forms. If possible, rework any documents or forms so that your patients do not have to fill out the same information more than once.

Time management is a skill that successful business leaders possess. Make sure strategies are in place to measure productivity with factual data. With technology, you can assist your patients, make your life easier, and save time. Be proactive and rethink your time management strategies rather than watching sand fall through the timer.

Contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Is your Dental Practice Ready for What Comes Next? | Victory Dental Management

Can you imagine what the dental profession will look like in 10 years? What action plan will you and your team use to prepare for success in the future

Having a big picture in mind is a trait that dentists have. As an oral health professional, you face this responsibility every day, as your patients rely on your experience and expertise to sustain their oral health throughout their lifetime. But are you putting strategies in place to maintain your company in the long run?

Change is taking place in dentistry. An ever-changing range of technology creates entirely new procedures every day, which can benefit your business by creating a new market of prospective patients. Additionally, the business landscape of the profession is changing. A field primarily dominated by independently owned companies has increasingly become corporate-dominated. Determine how your business model fits into the landscape of different business strategies used in dentistry.

The future will continue to bring changes in dentistry, that is certain. Did you ever imagine using technology to order supplies or recruit patients when you opened your dental practice? There will be developed technologies to bridge the gap between dentist and patient in terms of education and communication in the future.

Building trusting, loyal relationships will remain the key to success. Your marketing messages need to emphasize the differences between your practice and your competitors. Your practice’s rebranding can attract your ideal new patients and freshen its appeal to its community.

Despite the changes in the world around us, many things remain the same. It should not be a surprise or cause for concern that the dental profession will change in the future. Stay optimistic, and create an action plan. 

Get in touch with our office today. We can begin the process of planning for the future.

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Boost your Efficiency with These 3 Tips | Best Dental Business Consultant

How can your business be improved? Are you able to complete meetings and projects on time? Is there no solution in sight for the days that seem to drag on? 

Improving efficiency is the most effective way to resolve this issue. Practices can take several steps to improve their efficiency in all areas. Consider the following three suggestions.  

  1. Promote face-to-face interactions

Employees think that sending an email or chatting on Google would be more efficient than walking up to their coworkers’ desks. On the other hand, speaking directly with someone allows you to generate solutions more quickly. A 2-minute conversation can answer a question more efficiently than dozens of emails exchanged between individuals.

  1. Streamline the process of interruptions

The process of beginning a task again after being interrupted can take a few minutes. Each day, employees should block out a few hours of work to limit distractions and allow them to focus on their work. Rather than scheduling meetings throughout the week, schedule all appointments on one day. Using apps and tools to stay interruption-free can help you avoid email notifications clutter.

  1. Manage your projects  

Email is widely used by businesses to stay on top of projects. However, email can be lost and unread as a result. A management software tool is used as a better way to communicate and keep track of progress. 

If your practice is struggling to run smoothly, there are simple solutions you can implement. Face-to-face meetings can speed up the problem-solving process. Block off-work time on your schedule to limit interruptions that may slow down your work. Furthermore, project management software keeps everyone up to date on the progress of a project

What else can we help you with? Please schedule an appointment with our company today. 

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Coach’s Corner | How far would your team get during March Madness?

I have had numerous followers email me and ask how I was going to relate March Madness to a dental practice this year. There are a lot of you who enjoy my analogies 😊 Thank you for asking and of course, I have a very good example this year, courtesy of UVA. I am sorry to use this team since I reside in Virginia, but it really does drive a point home for everyone in dentistry.

UVA’s stunning loss against Furman shows us a lot of similarities between basketball and dentistry. As a basketball coach myself I am reading a lot of commentary on how they lost that game. It happened a few weeks ago so let me remind you of the details.

The last possession UVA had was an inbounds play after Furman made a foul shot. The inbound pass was given to Beekman, and he passed it back to Clark who originally threw the ball inbounds. Clark got caught in the corner of the trap. For whatever reason, he chose to lob pass the ball and it was caught by a Furman player. Furman passed the ball, made a 3-point shot and won the game.

Reasons for this team breakdown could be placed on every UVA player on the court. It wasn’t just the passer or the player in the corner that was trapped and threw the ball that resulted in the turnover and Furman scoring. It was the players at the extended foul line that could’ve cut to the ball. It was the other one down the court that could’ve come up because he saw his teammate was caught in the corner. A time out could have been called since they still had one to use. By the way, a full court press and how to handle it are taught to teams in middle school in case you were wondering. What occurred was a failure for the team. There was not one player at fault – a team loses, or a team wins together.

This relates to your dental practice in the following ways. Do all members of your team understand their role and responsibilities so clearly that they can win the game at any moment? Does every team member understand what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in your practice? If there’s an interruption in the flow of the day, does your team understand and react accordingly? Are you setting them up for success or challenges? Have they practiced enough and planned or prepped enough so they know how to act and handle the questions I asked above?

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I view the dentist as the head coach and the office manager/practice manager the assistant coach. It is your responsibility as the coach to make sure your team understands how things are to be done at any given time in your office. This requires enough planning, so you are able to think through each situation fully and coach your team according to whatever happens.

Was UVA prepared enough to anticipate the press Furman used? Did teammates let each other down with their actions? Only the coaching staff and players at UVA can truly answer those questions. When it comes to your practice, have you prepared your team? Can they anticipate what will happen next?

It’s your team Coach – are they ready?

If you need any assistance, please get in touch with me [email protected]

Creating a Friendly Atmosphere | Dental Management Consultant

Patients can feel intimidated when they walk into a dental office. In the background, you can hear dental equipment whirring and a busy office phone ringing, which may be an intimidating experience to new patients. Generally, new patients may feel anxious when they hear these sounds. Creating a patient-friendly atmosphere in your dental office is as easy as following these three strategies.

Staff that is friendly and helpful

In a dental office, patients typically interact first with staff members in the front office. Our staff will not only provide the patients with a first impression of the practice but will also interact with them and help set up appointments. In addition to providing a positive first impression, a friendly front desk employee may also alleviate any patient concerns. Compassionate team members will build loyalty to your team and make it easy for patients to work with them. 

Maintain a welcoming waiting room

Nervous patients often experience anxiety while waiting to be called in for their appointment. The presence of a comfortable and welcoming waiting room may ease their stress. Patients can relax with simple amenities such as comfortable chairs and reading materials. Children will benefit from a separate play area, which will help to reduce noise levels in the room while keeping them occupied.

It’s All About Communication

Patients and their dentists must communicate effectively to ensure that they remain informed of their oral health. The doctor-patient relationship will be strengthened as a result. The dentist will explain all of the treatment options discuss various payment options, and make sure each patient knows how to make appointments easily. As a result, effective communication keeps patients coming back.

Ensure a positive experience for each patient. 

The care your patients receive will make them happy, and they may refer new patients to you. Your office can create a patient-friendly environment by implementing these three strategies. 

Our team is ready to help you build a patient-centric practice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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