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The fact that your dental equipment will need to be replaced is inevitable. Sometimes the reason for replacement will be that newer technology has made your equipment obsolete. Purchasing new equipment is an investment that should be taken with a great deal of caution. Here are a few tips to help you get started on making an informed and practical decision regarding your office’s equipment.

Take Your Time

Never rush into a purchase as big as that of a new equipment purchase. We strongly suggest you meet with our team to discuss the implications a purchase might have, particularly on your practice’s taxes. There may be an optimal time of the year to make a  purchase. 

Consider Its Use

How often will you utilize this equipment? Where will it fit in your office? Carefully consider how this new piece of equipment will be used in your day-to-day operations. If

you are struggling to answer these questions, it may be a sign that the new equipment is not needed immediately.

Evaluate Practice Growth

Ask yourself if investing in new equipment will allow your practice to grow. Will it expand the available services you offer your patients? Perhaps it will improve the comfort, efficiency, and amount of time it takes to treat or serve patients. When marketed effectively, these can be excellent sources for driving new patient numbers or improving loyalty among your existing patients.

Assess the Cost

You should never buy equipment if you are unsure how you will receive a return on investment from it. Consider how your pricing structure will offset the costs of the investment. Can you still be competitive in your market if you must raise costs? Your office equipment plays a central role in allowing you to deliver quality care for your patients. New technologies are constantly making the patient experience more comfortable and safe. Before you rush to purchase new equipment, it is vital that you consider how the investment will impact your business.

Fortunately, our team is here to help you make these financial decisions. For a consultation on the possible purchase of new equipment, contact our office today. 

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Coach’s Corner | Preparation Guarantees Growth Not Results

Recently I was onsite with a client of mine leading our team meeting. An interesting topic was brought up and I made a remark that changed our conversation. It was so meaningful that I wanted to share it with you this month on the Coach’s Corner.

I was making an analogy between preparing for a basketball game and preparing to see patients and I made the following statement “preparation guarantees growth not results.” Rightly so, everyone looked at me and then at each other around the table. Think about it; you are not entitled to results just because you prepared. It takes more than that – you need to work as a team and that takes daily focus and discipline.

Preparing for a game does not entitle you to win it. If that were the case, then both teams would win and that doesn’t happen in the real world. The better question is how do you go from preparation to results? Preparation is another word for proper planning. When you plan, your team clearly understands what is expected of them as individuals and as a team. This preparation will guarantee growth since working as a team will give you a better outcome. When the team practices this over and over, growth is seen in many different ways. It could be that each individual gets stronger from the repetitive work and therefore can become more efficient with fewer mistakes and a better outcome – growth. Only after the team’s development has been observed consistently can you know you are getting results. That is why I say preparation guarantees growth not results.

This concept is easy to understand but might be difficult to implement in your practice. If I can help you and your team with this concept or you are curious about learning more, please get in touch with me via email Let’s start this new year with the anticipation of getting more results.

Creating Work-Life Balance | Dental Practice Management Consultant


Between work, appointments, and maybe even children, life can get stressful and busy.

How do you manage to live a happy, well-adjusted, balanced life when you simply don’t have time? The key is in planning. Do you use a calendar to manage your time or do you simply make arrangements as they come up? Here is how you can balance your schedule and create a work-life balance by managing your calendar.

Set Clear Boundaries

The first step to achieving a work-life balance is to consider your basic responsibilities and obligations. Set aside blocks of time in your calendar to meet with patients, hold team meetings, and attend organizational group meetings. Your calendar should be your primary time management tool.

Time Off Means Time Off

You need to set aside time for activities unrelated to work. When you decide to take a day off, make sure it’s in your calendar. If it’s not in there, your time off is likely to be consumed by an emergency patient appointment, unexpected meeting, or other business-related event. Make your scheduling priorities clear with your office team so they are not left with the burden of how to handle unexpected situations while you are away.

It’s Not Just for Work

Your calendar doesn’t need to be exclusive to work. In fact, it may be beneficial for you to regularly include your other commitments. From your children’s school activities to

anniversaries and birthdays, seeing these events alongside your work schedule can help you make better scheduling choices and set boundaries. You’ll be more reluctant to accept an invitation to a meeting or convention when you know it will conflict with another occasion. By including other events on your calendar, you minimize the risk of dealing with a stressful schedule conflict between your work life and your personal life.

Never let your calendar run your day. You have the ability to schedule your day by using your calendar as a tool for time management. Start by setting clear scheduling boundaries by blocking the time you need for your main responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to take time off, but always make sure it is a part of your schedule. Also, consider including other life events and activities in your calendar to better manage your schedule.

For more tips on effectively managing your work schedule, contact our team today.

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Achieving Freedom Within Dentistry | Dental Management Consultant

Are you dreading going to work every day? Are you afraid of being trapped in the same place for your whole career? We all can get stuck in a rut during our professional career.  There is hope that you will be able to enjoy dentistry again and thrive in a dental practice. Here are a few ways that you can begin to acquire professional freedom and growth within your career. 

Continue to Work Hard

Even the tiniest bit of progress will move you forward. Continuing to work hard will continue to help you achieve what you need to advance. If you are looking for career

advancement, employers will see that you are always on top of things and that you meet your deadlines. The more progress you make, the closer you will get to professional freedom and being in control of your career.

Be the Best You

The only person that can help you achieve professional freedom and career excellence is yourself. Figuring out goals and strategies to complete those goals

can be the motivation needed to be on the right track. Learn the skills you feel you need to improve yourself and your performance. Having the right tools will prepare you for anything that comes your way.

Branch Out on Your Own

If you are unhappy working for someone or believe you can do something better, the potential to start your own business is there. You will want to be sure that it is a realistic option before starting anything. Owning your own business is the highest level of professional freedom, but does come with a great deal of stress. 

Find People Like You

Working can be much more enjoyable when you spend it with people that build you up. Finding people that can elevate your work and inspire you create a more welcoming 

environment. If you are looking for a new dental office, read reviews that current and former team members have written about the business to see the company culture. Poor attitudes can negatively affect the progress of an office. 

Professional freedom and career excellence are not easy to achieve. By using the suggestions above, you can begin taking control of your career and setting it on the path to success.

For more ways to gain professional freedom and career excellence, contact us today.

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Annual Business Evaluations | Best Dental Practice Management Consultant

Both you and your team are personally and deeply invested in the day-to-day operations of your business. Because of this, it can be difficult to evaluate the areas of opportunity that are available to the business. Even teams that are well-trained and successful can have times of inefficiency or miscommunication leading to a breakdown in patient care.  No team is perfect and there will always be room for improvement. 

Similar to the recommendation of a full annual dental examination that you provide your patients, we recommend the same for your business. Whether we talk to you daily or it has been years since we’ve evaluated your practice, we recommend scheduling an annual consultation and “check-up”. The consultation will often consist of the following:

  • Evaluation of current business and team goals/benchmarks
  • Assessment of team morale and motivation 
  • Evaluation of current systems and protocols in place
  • Determination of overall current patient satisfaction with the practice
  • Creation of a success plan for improvement and further growth

Many times, business owners will try to motivate their team and improve business practices with no outside guidance. This approach can have some success, but will often come with stresses and difficulties. As a business owner, it can be difficult to evaluate the practice from a patient’s perspective. It also becomes difficult to evaluate team members without being influenced by any kind of personal connection. Having an outside professional perspective to evaluate and reinforce the importance of systems can be the difference between business growth or stagnation. 

Our professional evaluation of overall patient satisfaction can help us to determine what areas of your practice need improvement. Sometimes small changes can make a huge difference. A formal evaluation can help to bring about issues that you didn’t even know existed, both with team members and patients. 

To ensure that your business is reaching its full potential for the year, give us a call to schedule your yearly business evaluation.

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Coach’s Corner | How to Prevent Quiet Quitting

When you think about quiet quitting it’s really not a new phenomenon. It’s not new for employees to do the minimum and get by or disengage if there is a lack of strong leadership in the practice. The difference now is they are looking for a culture and environment they like and are not afraid of working at multiple practices until they find the right one for them. Please know this is preventable. If you have followed me for any length of time, you already know I believe there is a difference between having a true team versus employees working for you in the practice. I have not changed my mind at all, in fact, my belief in that statement has grown stronger.

The last several years have certainly been turbulent when it comes to proper staffing in your office. Not only are practices trying to hire from a smaller qualified pool of candidates, but the wise practices are also making sure new team members understand the culture and what is means to work at your practice.

When quiet quitting occurs, it means either the wrong person was hired for your practice, you felt rushed to make a hiring decision, you did not have a leadership gameplan to follow, you have not done the planning necessary to build the culture of your practice, or a combination of all of the above. Please understand it is never too late to correct this in your practice.

In today’s environment, having the leadership skills required and understanding how to coach your team is a necessity for the success of your practice. You can be proactive to stop this from occurring. It all starts with creating and executing what I call your leadership game plan.

If team turnover has occurred or you are concerned, please get in touch with me so we can create your leadership game plan. Start the new year off with less stress, team cohesion, and achieving the goals you have for yourself and your practice.

Creating the Best Team for Your Business | Dental Management Consultant

When you are looking to build a dream team for your business, it can be stressful, expensive, and extremely time-consuming. It can be tempting to keep old team members and hold off on hiring new ones to try and find the perfect fit. Both of these mistakes can be damaging to the long-term success of your business. Building the ideal team can take time and patience, but the following tips will help you to ensure that your business remains successful. 

Out with the old…

Letting go of an employee is never an easy process. In a perfect world, every team member that is hired in your business would become a valuable asset to the team. Unfortunately, there are times when an individual may not be the right fit for your business. If a team member begins to display any of the following actions, it may be time to consider finding a replacement. 

  • Bad Attitude: Snide comments, eye-rolling, negative gossip, and passive-aggressive actions are all actions that can be considered a bad attitude. A team member that disrespects their coworkers or boss will not have the best interest of the business at heart. 
  • Lack of Engagement: An unfocused employee that is not mentally present will not be able to give their best performance at work. 
  • Dishonesty: This can involve refusal to accept accountability or outright lies, and can be harmful to your team and the success of your business. 
  • Poor Performance: While a new team member may need some time to “get in the groove”, if they consistently show an inability to meet job performance expectations it may play a factor in bigger problems down the road. 

In with the new..

If you are looking to expand your business or replace current employees, you want to do everything you can to ensure that you are hiring high-quality employees. Here are some suggestions to help the hiring process go as smoothly as possible. 

  • Listen to your team: Trusted team members often have good insight into how your business operates and can grow. They will usually be able to help you decide if a new team member is fitting in well or if a member is performing poorly. Communication is key. 
  • Follow your gut: Instincts exist for good reason. If something about a potential team member isn’t giving you a good feeling, it may be a possibility that there is a bigger problem you will have to address in the future. While it is not the best idea to make a rash decision based upon a gut feeling alone, it can be a factor in guiding your decision. 
  • There is no such thing as perfect: It may take time and training for an individual to develop into the team member that you are looking for. An ideal employee is one that can grow and learn well. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to find the “perfect” fit, as it is likely that someone can be trained to be a great asset to your team. 

There is not an exact science to building the ideal team for your business, but there are proven strategies that can help guide you along the way. By holding current team members to a high standard and exercising judgement to the best of your ability with prospective team members, you can ensure that the hiring process will go as smoothly as possible. 

For more advice on the hiring process and managing business growth, contact our team for a consultation

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The Key to a More Productive Dental Practice – Victory Dental Management

The efficiency of your business can impact its long-term success. What makes a dental practice more productive? There are many factors to be sure, but, as consultants, we can tell you that organization is key; in particular, efficient handling of paperwork and scheduling.

Disorganization, on the other hand, tends to waste time, leaves a poor impression on patients, and dents morale. These negatives ultimately impact your practice’s earning potential.

Get a Handle on Paperwork

Undoubtedly, many different tasks vie for your attention throughout the day, and it can be difficult to keep on top of everything. If you’re not careful, papers, charts and other clutter can accumulate faster than you realize.

Once the pile starts to get away from you, it becomes exponentially more difficult to sort. Don’t waste your time digging through clutter. Learn how to handle paperwork in a systemized fashion. It will free up your time for other tasks.

You might try creating a unique filing system for handling the various kinds of mail that comes through your office. Consider designating specific team members to handle mail, return phone calls, scan or fax, and photocopy files.

If you are not sure where to start, our consulting team can help set up a process for you.

Don’t Let Your Time Manage You

It can be difficult to prioritize different duties, as all can seem important at different times. It’s also rare that even an hour goes by without a variety of distractions.

Here’s an exercise to try: Have each team member list the tasks handled on a typical day or week, and the time it takes to complete each task. This will give you some idea of what is essential, what can be streamlined, and what can wait.

Color-coding different types of duties can give you and your team a solid visual reminder of how to delegate and when to request help.

Resist the urge to drop everything each time a new email arrives in your inbox. You will have the occasional emergency that demands an immediate response, but most interruptions do not need to be addressed right away. Delegate what can be passed to another team member, create an overflow process, and clarify deadlines.

Whether you feel like you’re drowning in paperwork or need to get a handle on your schedule, consider seeking an outside perspective from a time management expert. Our practice consultants can create time and paperwork management systems that work for your unique office. The result: a more productive and profitable practice.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your team become more productive.

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Should You Buy New Dental Equipment Right Now? | Dental Business Consultant

Dental equipment plays an important role in the quality of care you provide your patients. When it is time to add or replace a piece of that equipment, make sure you take the time to research and select the right piece for your practice. Make sure that your investment will bring value to your practice for years to come.

Here are a few points you may want to keep in mind before making a final decision on a major equipment purchase for your practice.

Take Your Time
As with all major investments, rushing into a decision can be costly. Instead, spend several weeks researching the various choices. Don’t make the decision alone. Talk to your practice consultant about ROI and your accountant about the tax implications.

If you are thinking about selling your practice in the near future, you may not receive the greatest value out of your investment. A dental consultant or broker can help you make those critical timing decisions.

Features and Benefits
Before you purchase, consider the equipment itself. Does it come from a reliable manufacturer and what kind of warranty does it include?

Must you buy it new or is there a certified used model that will provide the same function? If you are buying pre-owned, seek an independent opinion on the piece’s condition. Will it fit in its designated space? Will you need to make changes to your electrical service or plumbing?

Next, evaluate your needs and ask yourself these questions: Does the equipment have features you need, or are there bells and whistles you can live without? How does it compare to similar makes and models? What is the expected service life of the new equipment? Think about how often it will be used and whether your team will need extensive training to use it.

What is the ROI
Consider the cost of use and any maintenance. Make sure there is a demand for the service you will be providing using the new equipment. Will the pricing you set for services related to this upgrade offset the investment and allow you to remain competitive in your market?

While not all of these factors apply to such a purchase in every circumstance, major dental office equipment should not be purchased without thorough consideration and research.

When it is time to add or replace a piece of equipment in your practice, make sure you take plenty of time to conduct research and select the right piece for your practice. This will help ensure your investment will bring value to your practice for years to come.

If you’d like more help in making such an important decision, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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Coach’s Corner | Burnout

This is a continuation on the subject of burnout. I heard from a lot of viewers you appreciated understanding the difference between stress and burnout and you want more information on actual burnout. There are three dimensions of burnout – exhaustion, detachment, and ineffectiveness.

Exhaustion is the most common symptom of burnout. It is the feeling that most days are long and difficult with the overwhelming demands that are asked of you each day.

Detachment occurs when there is a sense of disconnection from the value of your work. You feel less emotionally connected to your job, teammates, or to the practice. This can lead to cynicism and doubting if what you do really matters. This can make someone feel less caring, supportive, and unsympathetic to others.

Ineffectiveness refers to a sense of incompetence and a lack of accomplishment. When feeling this way, you feel ineffectual dealing with problems and do not contribute much to the people you serve. These are the three dimensions of burnout. After researching this subject for my presentations, there are some ways to proactively prevent burnout. The WHO has classified burnout as an occupational phenomenon in the ICD-11 code. So, let’s start looking at how to prevent burnout through the culture of our practice environments.

You can control factors such as the mission, vision, and all aspects of your culture. Having the entire team come together to create your mission and vision is foundational so everyone is aligned in these two very important areas. Next is having an honest and real discussion around the culture you are building in your practice. I define culture as what is and is not acceptable regarding human behavior. Defining it in this manner requires the entire team to have input on those behaviors and which area they belong. I suggest meeting and putting behaviors in those two columns, so the opinion of each team member is heard. You may be encouraged by the responses of your team regarding the behaviors they will place in each column.

When adequate time is given for everyone on the team to create the mission, vision, and culture of your practice, the process to prevent burnout in your practice has begun. This may sound confusing or difficult to do in your practice. Please get in touch with me and I can help you navigate these areas so you can prevent burnout within your team. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

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