Business Management Coach | Are You Complacent?

Next month will start the beginning of the high school basketball season and I recently had the opportunity to help a player get ready for tryouts. She had played in middle school, but she knew if she wanted to make her high school team, she would really need to up her game, so to speak. As I was preparing for our first session together, I realized something that is pertinent to my business and what I love to do. I am a problem solver. I really do enjoy solving problems that occur in dental practices. But this student realized something that a lot of doctors might be hesitant to do. She asked for help.

She had a goal, and knew she needed help to achieve that goal. She did her research, and contacted me about how I could help her. After our initial call, I devised a plan and started working with her. I put her in situations that stretched her so she could grow. Not only increase her basketball skills, but also her understanding of the game, and how to anticipate the next step. But most of all, she needed to increase her confidence level. The same thing can be said for practice owners. Once you can ask for help and find the right person to help, then your growth will occur.

Not only should doctors grow, but also your team. I know the clinical staff is required to complete a certain amount of continuing education each year but what are you providing for your administrative team? Those members of your team also need to grow. Invest in them so they, in turn, can invest more in your practice.

As a practice owner, you must continue to grow, or you risk not being relevant for your patients and may not be able to solve their problems as you have done in the past. Complacency happens when you stop growing. Are you complacent? Is the dentist down the street complacent?

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Lynne Leggett
Victory Dental Management, LLC